Sue has a Gift for Teaching

Sue’s passion for the piano is only exceeded by her gift for teaching. A totally dedicated and professional teacher. I feel she is genuinely keen that I achieve my best and thanks to her patience and exceptional teaching abilities my confidence has grown and I am thoroughly enjoying the journey. Chris

Sounds Like Magic: My Adventure in Music with Piano

Learning piano has introduced me to the wonderful world of music. I have an ear now to appreciate all the many types of music, and also have been learning guitar. I’ve learned the importance of training (as I do in sport) and every term see the benefits of the work I do thanks to the guidance I receive during my piano lessons. My mum loves me playing piano and reminds me all the good things it brings to me… including strong fingers for typing in the future. Aidan S

Sue has always been supportive and positive

I have been learning piano with Sue for 4 years, and recently I was able to complete a beautiful piece of Schubert. Sue has always been supportive and positive, she has been the foundation of my musical development. Yukiko

Reviving Rhythms: Mastering the Art of Piano with Sue’s Expert Guidance

Sue has introduced me to the structure of piano playing. I studied up to grade four at school and now many years later, Sue is teaching me the importance of scales, chords, timing and Theory, as well as giving me some beautiful pieces of music. The combined approach has improved my playing and is very rewarding. Virginia

Harmonious Retirement: Finding Life’s Rhythm with Piano Lessons from Sue

Retiring from decades of teaching 8 years ago I searched for an activity to challenge my brain and co ordination, Music and piano was the answer. Sue’s beautiful calm music studio mirrors her professional teaching style. Quality is not compromised and there is no stress or pressure. Piano with Sue has been a key component to maintaining a healthy mind and reaching personal goals to play beautiful music myself. Lisa

Personalised Musical Discovery

I love the sense of being on a musical journey with Sue. I discover something new from every lesson, whether it is a different approach to performing a particular piece, a new technique for mastering a tricky passage, or perhaps an awareness of patterns I had overlooked. She combines a great depth of musical knowledge with a clear and relaxed communication style, curiosity, flexibility, attentiveness, responsiveness, and great intuition. I’m glad that my years of preparing for exams were behind me before we met because I’m using the skills I’m learning now to play pieces I’ve chosen purely for pleasure! Annette D

Skill Enhancement and Enjoyment

Sue has a relaxed, friendly approach in her teaching. She is very knowledgable and helpful and has signficantly enhanced my skill development and enjoyment of playing over the past 12 months. As a result, I feel I have made genuine progress and can now play and enjoy more challenging pieces. Andrea D.

A Journey of Growth and Confidence

Sue’s passion for the piano is only exceeded by her gift for teaching.A totally dedicated and professional teacher. I feel she is genuinely keen that I achieve my best and thanks to her patience and exceptional teaching abilities my confidence has grown and I am thoroughly enjoying the journey. Chris T.

Rediscovering Passion at Any Age

I am in my late sixties and had always wanted to learn to play piano. I was nervous about doing so but Sue made me realise that anyone can learn. I started going to lessons with her and immediately felt comfortable and at ease with the way she teaches. Sue has a patient and friendly manner and she makes learning piano fun and easy to understand. She has been very supportive in helping me learn and improve my piano playing and I always learn something new with each lesson. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Peter C

A Family’s Musical Voyage

I have known Sue for a number of years as she taught my youngest son and is now teaching me. Sue is passionate and patient and makes the learning process most interesting and enjoyable. Maxine D.

Striking the Right Chord: Elevating Piano Skills with Sue’s Guidance

Sue is a very pleasant person to interact with, has a good sense of humour but never loses sight of me having a piano lesson.  She challenges me and provides extra exercises to support my technique as she wants me to be the best I can be, it makes me want to do better! Lessons have improved my playing and increased my enjoyment of music. Brian G

From Novice to Enthusiast: A Decade of Piano Discovery with Sue

 I have been tutored by Sue for 12 years. Before then I didn’t have any musical experience  but due to Sue’s patience and understanding I have come a long way.  As an older student I feel  very comfortable as Sue doesn’t put any pressure on me, each lesson is carried out with a bit of fun. Sue quickly realised that I wanted to learn to play the piano for my own benefit and enjoyment. After work each day I spend some time practising and literally feel the stress of the day melt away, the music is so relaxing. With Sue’s knowledge and commitment to young and older students, I commend her skills as a teacher  to you . Maureen W.

Patience & Progress: The Mature Learner’s Guide to Piano with Sue

I started piano lessons with Sue a year ago. Being a mature student I have really appreciated Sue’s patience and understanding. As a teacher Sue follows the key principles  which is very helpful to me, Sue is always prepared, observes,  explains and demonstrates. Judy M.

Never Too Late: Finding Harmony in Adult Piano Lessons with Sue

I’ve been been doing piano lessons with Sue for 2 years now.I’d always felt it was too late to learn a new instrument as an adult but Sue has shown me it’s never too late.I enjoy Sue’s calm and relaxed reaching style, also her  patience and encouragement .Lessons have helped me manage stress that the overwhelm of work brings, I love that I can turn to music and piano for this.  Will


It’s never too late to start! Sue welcomes students of all ages, including adults starting or returning to piano, offering a rewarding and enriching experience tailored to each individual.

Learning piano can
  • Enhances Cognitive Function: Learning a musical instrument later in life can boost memory, attention, and problem-solving skills.
  • Improves Mental Health: Engaging in music can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, promoting overall well-being.
  • Boosts Self-Confidence: Mastering new skills on an instrument can enhance self-esteem and provide a sense of achievement.
  • Offers a Creative Outlet: It provides a means to express emotions and creativity, fostering personal growth and satisfaction.
  • Enhances Listening Skills: Learning music improves the ability to discern sounds and nuances, enhancing auditory skills.

In our piano lessons, music selection is tailored for your personal enjoyment and to facilitate emotional expression. 

With a compassionate approach, Sue offers specialised strategies to help students overcome performance anxiety, ensuring they can perform with confidence and joy.

While lessons are conducted on a concert pitch grand piano, having access to any piano or keyboard at home is essential for practice and progress.

Beautifully printed Gift Certificates on quality card are available for purchase. Just contact Sue.

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