Musical Milestones: Young Talent Blossoms in Sue’s Piano Classes

I  have a love of music, learning piano with Sue has given me confidence with playing the piano and  the skills to learn other instruments too. Sue is kind and has a fun teaching style, I enjoyed playing a duet with Sue for my parents at Xmas time. Ella D 11 years old

Striking the Right Chord: Elevating Piano Skills with Sue’s Guidance

Sue is a very pleasant person to interact with, has a good sense of humour but never loses sight of me having a piano lesson.  She challenges me and provides extra exercises to support my technique as she wants me to be the best I can be, it makes me want to do better! Lessons […]

From Novice to Enthusiast: A Decade of Piano Discovery with Sue

 I have been tutored by Sue for 12 years. Before then I didn’t have any musical experience  but due to Sue’s patience and understanding I have come a long way.  As an older student I feel  very comfortable as Sue doesn’t put any pressure on me, each lesson is carried out with a bit of […]

Patience & Progress: The Mature Learner’s Guide to Piano with Sue

I started piano lessons with Sue a year ago. Being a mature student I have really appreciated Sue’s patience and understanding. As a teacher Sue follows the key principles  which is very helpful to me, Sue is always prepared, observes,  explains and demonstrates. Judy M.