Musical Milestones: Young Talent Blossoms in Sue’s Piano Classes

I  have a love of music, learning piano with Sue has given me confidence with playing the piano and  the skills to learn other instruments too. Sue is kind and has a fun teaching style, I enjoyed playing a duet with Sue for my parents at Xmas time. Ella D 11 years old

Striking the Right Chord: Elevating Piano Skills with Sue’s Guidance

Sue is a very pleasant person to interact with, has a good sense of humour but never loses sight of me having a piano lesson.  She challenges me and provides extra exercises to support my technique as she wants me to be the best I can be, it makes me want to do better! Lessons […]

From Novice to Enthusiast: A Decade of Piano Discovery with Sue

 I have been tutored by Sue for 12 years. Before then I didn’t have any musical experience  but due to Sue’s patience and understanding I have come a long way.  As an older student I feel  very comfortable as Sue doesn’t put any pressure on me, each lesson is carried out with a bit of […]

Patience & Progress: The Mature Learner’s Guide to Piano with Sue

I started piano lessons with Sue a year ago. Being a mature student I have really appreciated Sue’s patience and understanding. As a teacher Sue follows the key principles  which is very helpful to me, Sue is always prepared, observes,  explains and demonstrates. Judy M.

Never Too Late: Finding Harmony in Adult Piano Lessons with Sue

I’ve been been doing piano lessons with Sue for 2 years now.I’d always felt it was too late to learn a new instrument as an adult but Sue has shown me it’s never too late.I enjoy Sue’s calm and relaxed reaching style, also her  patience and encouragement .Lessons have helped me manage stress that the […]